Ines Sainz Is Covering the NBA Finals (As If You Didn’t Know), So Here Are The Top 11 Distracting Ines Sainz Sideline Photos

  • Rick Chandler

Fun facts about CNN en Español sports reporter Inés Sainz: she has a twin (good news ladies, it’s a brother), she has a degree in tax law, and is a black belt in taekwondo. But she chose to go the sports journalism route for a career, and thanks in chief part to Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets, she’s one of the most infamous sideline reporters of all time.

Anyway, Sainz is working the NBA Finals for TV Azteca, and has thus become somewhat of a Twitter favorite. It’s amazing how she always happens to get in the way when people are trying to take photos of the players.

In fact, this hasn’t been the first time Sainz has proven a distraction. Below are out top 11 moments.