Irate High School Basketball Player Throws Referee To Ground (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

Above, you can view the most shocking video we’ve seen thus far today. It depicts a sequence from a recent high school basketball game in Florida between DeSoto County and Port Charlotte. For the first 1:20 of the video, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happens. Then, things get nutty.

A DeSoto player and Port Charlotte player got into a minor scuffle after an inbound pass, which appeared to get the involved DeSoto player ejected from the game. He was, um, not happy about this. First, he pleaded with the official. Then, that didn’t work, so he shoved the official (very bad decision #1). Then, he felt his work wasn’t done, so he actually wrestled the official (and himself) to the ground (very bad decision #2).

Fort Myers News-Press sportswriter Carl Bleich (Mad Magazine parody name: Carl BLECCH) alerted The Big Lead to the video; they then posted it and unsuccessfully tried to learn the player’s name (he might still be a minor, so DeSoto wasn’t at liberty to divulge his identity, and the school’s MaxPreps page doesn’t list a roster, so that method won’t work, either).

SWFL Hoops, who uploaded the video to Youtube, had this to say about the incident on the video’s page:

The game ended in forfeit after the player from Desoto High School in Arcadia, FL attacked the referee. The player has been removed from the team and may be facing expulsion as well as legal ramifications.

We’d say that sounds about right. We also have to wonder if anything else happened early in the game that might have made tempers flare, just because of how insanely fast things spiral out of control in the video. Either way, the player has to be wishing he’d handled this whole situation a tad differently.