Is Sidney Crosby Actually A Dirty Player? (VIDEO)

  • Barry Rothbard

Sidney Crosby took down Ryan Callahan during last night’s clash between the Penguins and Rangers and it looks somewhat like a cheap shot. It’s raised a bigger question: does Crosby get preferential treatment?

Brian Dubinsky, the Rangers’ captain, was none too pleased about Crosby’s actions, and told FanHouse:

“That’s a dirty play,” Rangers center Brandon Dubinsky said of Crosby in a broadcast interview during the first intermission. “He’s a guy who tries to get away with a lot of that stuff. He complains a lot.

Crosby’s move is known as a “slew foot.” And if it weren’t Crosby, it wouldn’t be really be much of a story. Barry Petchesky of Deadspin breaks it all down.