Jalen Rose Is Getting Overly Defensive About His Dinner Date With Sage Steele

  • Dylan Murphy

Yesterday we brought you video of Sage Steele and Jalen Rose planning a (romantic?) dinner date on the set of SportsCenter, unaware that the cameras were rolling. This was especially problematic for the pair considering both are married (Steele also has three children). And, as the always-probing media source that we at SportsGrid strive to be, we assumed the worst:


Trivial dinner plans -> romantic dinner -> RAUNCHY CHEATING SEX

Alas, we were joking, as were numerous other media outlets. The actual video was relatively innocuous and planning to cheat in front of an entire ESPN camera crew does not seem to be a likely scenario. But Jalen Rose didn’t take too kindly to some extended Internet ribbing and used Twitter to defend his honor:

Gaaahhhhh!!! He called us the “shock media.” How cold-hearted!

Oh no! He tricked us!

So it looks like the “shock media” forced him to check out his own Wikipedia page and notice an error regarding his marital situation. You’re welcome?

Finally, Sage setting the record straight.

Case closed.