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Skip Bayless’ Soul May Have Been Crushed This Morning On ESPN First Take

  • Dan Fogarty

As we told you earlier, a report emerged this week that ESPN shit stirrer Skip Bayless lied about his high school basketball career.

In an effort to make a point about trigger-happy NBA guard Russell Westbrook, Skip alluded to the fact that, in high school, he was a trigger-happy guard himself (he actually referred to himself as “Maravich,” as in “‘Pistol Pete’ Maravich,” one of the most iconic guards of all time). According to documents obtained by a blog called The Lost Ogle, though, he scored 21 points in 15 games during his senior season, which comes out to an average of 1.4 points a game… and means Skip Bayless is kind of full of shit.

The question was, then: would Skip’s Big Lie be brought up on TV? There are rumors that he secretly runs the show at First Take, the ESPN2 shouting match he appears on every day. The producers there reportedly love him, and if Skip doesn’t want to talk about something, he probably doesn’t have to. One would assume he wouldn’t want to talk about this.

Which is why the following clip, of Jalen Rose forcing Skip Bayless to talk about it, is so fantastic.