Kings’ Jarret Stoll “Confirms” He’s Dating Erin Andrews When Everyone Already Knew That, Still Treated As Scoop For Some Reason

  • Glenn Davis

A couple months back, we ran an item on the hubbub over an Instagram photo showing Erin Andrews enjoying New Year’s festivities with Los Angeles Kings center Jarret Stoll, in what appeared to be a couple-y way. So couple-y, in fact, that one person tweeted at Andrews talking about her “boyfriend,” even though they hadn’t officially come out as a couple or anything. How Andrews responded:

Still, nothing official, but at the very least she didn’t deny it. In other words… amount of time everyone’s been pretty sure Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll are a couple: 2.5 months.

Then, just before Valentine’s Day, TMZ caught the two taking a stroll, holding hands, and asked them about Valentine’s Day plans. The couple played along, discussed possible plans, and generally were really, really clear that they’re a couple. Unless they just happen to hang out and like to pretend they’re dating when cameras are on them. But we’re gonna call that option “unlikely.” In other words… amount of time everyone’s known damn well Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll are a couple: over one month.

And that brings us to the present. Yesterday, E! (piggybacking, we assume, off that TMZ video) asked Stoll how that Valentine’s Day went. Nothing too noteworthy there, right? Well, not really, except that E!’s story says this:

Sorry guys, Erin Andrews is taken.

Los Angeles Kings hockey player Jarret Stoll exclusively confirmed to E! News today that he’s dating the sports reporter and Dancing With the Stars alum (which only makes that kiss attempt by 50 Cent that much more awkward.)

“Exclusively confirmed.” Again, this was more than two months ago:

This was more than one month ago:

Sweet scoop, guys.

Photo by Boris Issaei for, via