It Was A Very JaVale McGee Evening In Denver

  • Glenn Davis

We love JaVale McGee – few players in the NBA provide the same kind of entertainment for such a wide variety of reasons. From self-alley-oops to snatch-blocks to hilarious mistakes to writing every tweet as a retweet of himself for no reason, JaVale-related mirth is a bottomless fountain – a fountain from which he drew deeply against the Clippers last night, and after. In the course of putting up a stat line that, like the man who recorded it, had its highs and lows (14 minutes, no points, two rebounds, two blocks, two turnovers, four fouls), he recorded this highlight block on Lamar Odom:

… and also pretended to sign a basketball:

That came after this block:

But his fnest moment might have come after the game, when he talked with the Inside the NBA crew. McGee gets made fun of often on the program, due to the hilarious mistakes we talked about earlier, and is a frequent target of Shaq’s derision in particular. Well, last night, JaVale got to turn the tables, and make things weird for everyone in the process:

He is a gift. A gift we hope to continue unwrapping for years to come.