The Daily Show Worries That Jeremy Lin Is Stealing Basketball From Black People

  • Glenn Davis

The Jeremy Lin insanity (wait…Lin insanity…LINsanity! I’M A GENIUS) shows no immediate signs of coming to a halt, and its continuation is giving just about everyone a chance to chime in on the sensation while people still care about it. Last night, The Daily Show joined the fray (The Colbert Report, of course, already did earlier in the week), and their take was one of the best yet. Under the guise of discussing Black History month, Daily Show Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore instead lamented the Asian-American takeover of the NBA:

You know the segment’s good when even the performers (assuming they’re not Jimmy Fallon) can’t get through it without laughing. Personally, we might have had just as hard a time getting through “Martin Luther Kung-Pow.” There was no shortage of good lines in general – the 3.1 GPA being an “Asian F,” the worry about Carmelo Anthony’s job being outsourced to Asia (and Stewart’s explanation of why that’s not the case showed the Daily Show writing team knows its stuff, Knicks-wise).

Oh, and The Daily Show wasn’t even the only late-night program to talk Lin last night – Conan devoted a brief segment to the Lin fortune cookie graphic kerfuffle as well. But for us, The Daily Show won the night – even if we had to disagree with Wilmore’s solution to the “problem” of Lin’s emergence. Neil deGrasse Tyson deserves better.