Here’s Every Cool Thing Jeremy Lin Did Last Night

  • Glenn Davis

Jeremy Lin can play. Let there be no doubt anymore – the guy’s just good at basketball. We’re still working with a small sample size in the scheme of things, but what he’s doing isn’t an accident. It’s clear what he is right now: a high-risk (i.e. lots of turnovers), high-reward player whose reward is currently outweighing the risk. Case in point: a 100-85 Knicks win over the Kings last night that wasn’t even that close (the score was 77-55 after three quarters). Lin only played 26 minutes because he only had to play 26 minutes; the game was well in hand. In those 26 minutes, he had six turnovers (bad!) but 10 points on 4-of-6 shooting and 13 assists (really good!).

OK, so the list of teams the Knicks have vanquished seven-game winning streak is littered with middling-to-bad squads. Sure, there were a couple close calls there in Minnesota and Toronto. And yes, it’s still unrealistic to expect Lin to keep up this kind of pace, though the fact that he’s doing it night in, night out gives some more hope that he can sustain something resembling this longer-term. But a seven-game winning streak is a seven-game winning streak. And Jeremy Lin is Jeremy Lin. Improbably, that’s exactly what the Knicks needed. Below, Lin’s highlights from last night’s game.

Oh, and yes – Linsanity is definitely sweeping Taiwan.