Linsanity Is Dead? New Knicks Coach Going All-In On Carmelo And Amar’e

  • Glenn Davis

When Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni resigned suddenly on Wednesday, we wondered if that might be bad news for Jeremy Lin, who turned out to be such a good fit for the coach’s offense. And it turns out that… yeah, it probably was (for now, at least). Knicks interim coach Mike Woodson made clear that Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony will be his “go-to guys coming down the stretch.” There’s nothing wrong with that, of course – they’re the two most proven scorers on the team by far. But we’re probably looking at a reduced role for Lin here, a possibility the New York Post brought to us in its classic understated style:

We’re not sure if Lin’s role will be diminished quite that much. And even if it is, there’s no guarantee it will be long-term – it all depends on how Woodson fares over the rest of the season, and who the Knicks eventually decide to hire as coach if they don’t retain Woodson beyond 2012. But for now, we might be looking at less Lin in our lives. Maybe that will benefit him later on, but it’ll mean less Linsanity… and the Post’s design team might be the only people happy about that.

Photo via Bruce Arthur