Hugh Hefner Shares Thoughts On Jerry Buss’s Death, Creates Headline Of The Day

  • Matt Rudnitsky

As you know, Jerry Buss, legendary owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, died on Monday. Glowing tributes have popped up everywhere, including a stirring Kobe Bryant pregame speech last night, which forced Magic Johnson to fight back tears. Headlines have obviously been somber, yet rousing. Except for this one. This one, inspired by a Hugh Hefner interview, was… well, let’s just show it to you.

Hugh Hefner: Dr. Jerry Buss Attended a Lot of Playboy Parties and He Will Be Truly Missed

By the accounts of many who knew him, Jerry Buss was a fine man… a fine man who liked himself some beautiful women. Hefner’s tribute might not make Magic Johnson tear up, but it was a real, emotional tribute to a great man. Sports Radio Interviews has the full transcript, as well as the audio for you to listen.

Here’s a quick highlight from the interview. Hefner guesses he met Buss at a Playboy party, but he doesn’t remember.

How big of a playboy was Dr. Jerry Buss?

“Well I really can’t speak from personal experience. [Both hosts laugh] He,as I have tried to do over the years, defied the limitations in terms of age and it was more than simply — he was young for his years and he had as many female friends as males, but he had a great many male friends, too. What he brought to the game as I say was unique and he will be truly missed.”

Hefner, like most everyone, spoke highly of Buss. This isn’t the side of Buss that will make Magic cry, but it’s a side for us fans to grin at, fondly. Buss was a fascinating man. A fascinating, Hefner-esque man.