Jerry Lawler’s Already Doing Well Enough To Film A Video Thanking Fans For Their Support

  • Glenn Davis

Jerry Lawler’s heart attack at Monday Night Raw earlier this week was a gigantic shock to the WWE’s system. Mostly, that’s because of what an icon Lawler is in the industry, but it was made all the more stunning because not long before that health emergency, he’d been wrestling on Raw himself.

Luckily, though, Lawler seems to be recovering from the heart attack almost quickly as it struck. Initial fears he might have suffered brain damage were thankfully off the mark, and now, mere days after being shocked seven times with a defibrillator and receiving 15 minutes of CPR to stay alive, he’s filming messages thanking his fans (albeit still from the hospital):

Granted, one 15-second video doesn’t mean everything’s all better just yet, but he sounds pretty Lawler-ish in that video, no? Despite the whole “more wires than AT&T” thing (side note: that echoed a line McNulty delivered on The Wire once, for all you Wire fanatics out there), Lawler looks pretty vital. We can only hope his recovery keeps going as well as it seems to be going so far.

[Black Sports Online]