Jerry Seinfeld And The Soup Nazi Want Your Car In The Latest Leaked Super Bowl Ad

  • Glenn Davis

It’s almost Super Bowl time, so it’s already Super-Bowl-commercial-leaking time. We delved into Matthew Broderick’s coolly received Ferris Bueller-ish ad yesterday, and this morning, via our pals at Geekosystem, we became aware of another car commercial starring someone whose work helped define a generation. This time, it was Jerry Seinfeld, and he really wanted that Acura:

Pluses: for one, the car Seinfeld has his sights set on is sleeker than the CR-V of Broderick’s Bueller ad. Also, the Soup Nazi appearance provided a satisfying bit of Seinfeld nostalgia. The lack of any other Ferris Bueller cast members was a main sticking point among those who didn’t like Broderick’s ad…then again, thanks to the seventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, our Seinfeld reunion thirst is basically quenched anyway. Also, un-smooth bribe attempts are pretty much can’t-miss comedy.

Minuses: sure, it’s a joke and everything, but Seinfeld being that desperate? Just not gonna happen. And why is that other guy not putting a restraining order on Seinfeld when he refuses to leave his house? Sure, realism’s probably a little much to ask for in an ad featuring aliens, munchkins, and a personal zip line through Manhattan (also, why does Seinfeld need the car if he has that?), but my God, man, he’s stalking you. Oh well. At least, by Jay Leno ruining everything, the commercial reached a conclusion we can all agree on.