Jerry “The King” Lawler Falls Unconscious During Monday Night Raw

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Startling news coming from the WWE front tonight. Long-time wrestling announcer Jerry “The King” Lawler collapsed Monday night at the Bell Centre in Montreal during an episode of Monday Night Raw. According to Larry Brown sports, Lawler is in stable condition at a local medical facility in Montreal.

As is the unfortunate case when something like this happens during a professional wrestling event, the powers that be needed to act swiftly and with utmost tact when informing the viewing audience that yes, what was happening was indeed real. Michael Cole assumed responsibility, and did a fine job (via LBSports):

Announcer Michael Cole appeared on the telecast to explain to the viewers what happened.

“This is not part of our entertainment tonight,” said Cole. “This is a real-life situation. Earlier this evening, my broadcast colleague Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler passed out while working here at ringside. He collapsed on the ground. He was stretchered to the back where he received CPR.

“The latest update that we have now is he has been taken to a local hospital in Montreal. We are being told that he is receiving oxygen. Jerry is breathing on his own, although this is extremely a serious situation.”

An emotional Cole then said the telecast would go on without commentary.

“Jerry, my prayers are with you. Out of respect to Jerry tonight, there’s going to be no further commentary on this broadcast.”

Cole went on to affirm that The King was in stable condition. There are rumors swirling around the Web that Lawler has died, but clearly, they are not true.

Get well soon, King.

UPDATE: Apparently Lawler’s collapse was due to a heart attack. Once again: get well soon.

[Larry Brown Sports, photo via Getty]