That’s Unfortunate: Hockey Announcer Mispronounces Player’s Name As “Hitler”

  • Glenn Davis

A couple days ago, Boston Bruins announcer Jack Edwards found himself in the news for hilariously yelling at a Montreal Canadiens player to “GET UP!” And now Brian Engblom, who called last night’s Red Wings-Coyotes game, joins Edwards in hockey announcing notoriety…though in Engblom’s case, he didn’t mean to.

It seemed like an innocuous enough situation…there was a break in the action to clear up a scrum around the net, and Engblom was simply explaining what happened during play. And then, he explained the role of the Red Wings’ Jiri Hudler in the action.

Maybe he technically said “Hidler” – but come on, you know what you thought when you heard that. And man, if there’s one name you don’t want to accidentally call someone, that’s probably it. And on top of all that, as Deadspin reminds us: yesterday was Hitler’s birthday. Maybe Engblom heard that at some point in that day and it was a Freudian slip? Either way…in that moment, we really do not envy Engblom.