Watch Josh Elliott Get Choked Up At The End Of His Final SportsCenter

  • Glenn Davis

As you may have heard, Friday marked former SportsCenter anchor Josh Elliott’s final day on the job before moving on to ABC’s Good Morning America. It seemed to us that when Elliott’s move was first announced, there were nothing but kind words for the guy – which, of course, isn’t always the case.

Some of the respect for Elliott probably stems from the fact that he’s seamlessly transitioned between writing and TV gigs, but more than that, there seemed nothing but goodwill toward Elliott personally…and his SportsCenter sign-off might have provided a clue as to why.

Elliott, while clearly looking for the next step in his career (he took another job, after all), was also plainly sad to see his SportsCenter career end…and it showed as Elliott got choked up while signing off and thanking those who made those 9 a.m. shows possible. It was a genuine display, one the New York Post called “an unusual sight for the traditionally macho world of sports TV.” (We’d call that a lazy stereotype, but then we’d also have to call Onion SportsDome’s Alex Reiser a lazy stereotype.)

From what we’ve seen and heard of Elliott, we’re no different from anyone else…we like him. And seeing the heartfelt thanks you’ll witness below, we like him more. Then again, maybe they were tears of disappointment because he realized he might not do another interview like this one again. Video below.