“Kate Upton Dancing” Gif Threatens To Break The Internet

  • Glenn Davis

Oh, who am I kidding, you’re not reading this. Why would you be? There’s a gif of an attractive scantily-clad woman dancing above. I wouldn’t expect you to read this. Maybe the best part: how easily we can justify posting that gif. Kate Upton, the above dancer, happens to be the cover model for Sports Illustrated’s new swimsuit issue. Plus she’s dancing. Dancing. Sports.

Hey, and speaking of models, I went to a fashion show the other night that had a bunch of them. I’d encourage you to click that link, but again, you’re not reading this. So rather than throw more words into the ether, I instead only hope you enjoy the above gif, James Francbros. And if you actually did click on this post eager to see what would be written, you do not exist, but thank you all the same.