Kate Upton Threw Some Footballs In High Heels, Got Hit On By A Fox News Personality

  • Eric Goldschein

It’s difficult to say what was more cringe-worthy: watching Kate Upton and football player Jason Pierre-Paul fail miserably at this “challenge,” or seeing Fox News Channel personality Brian Kilmeade fail miserably at hitting on the ultra-model.

This video comes courtesy of Fox News, and features a multitude of questionable moments. For starters: as someone who doesn’t watch Fox News too often, can anybody tell me if Steve Doocy often runs onto the set at the last second, or if he normally looks this bored? And does Kilmeade usually have such little success with getting women to take their clothes off?

(The second half of the clip has nothing to do with sports or this topic, but is still very touching and worth a look):

Upton and the Giants’ Pierre-Paul were there to promote “Fitness Without Borders,” a non-profit that focuses on developing healthy lifestyles for children. Kilmeade seems to remember that halfway through the “contest,” and begins half-heartedly peppering Kate with questions about it. But by then its too late, and he has to settle for awarding her “second place” for being “sweet.” Ugh, this is gross. At least JPP showed himself to be a true gentleman.

[h/t Business Insider]