No One Has Ever Gone After Rick Reilly The Way Katie Nolan Of ‘Crowd Goes Wild’ Did

  • Eric Goldschein

katie nolanYou probably don’t watch “Crowd Goes Wild” too often. That’s understandable: It’s still a new show on a new network, competing against the behemoth that is ESPN and its various talking head programs (though Fox Sports 1 didn’t do itself any favors with this soup-tasting segment the other day).

Well, the show officially has our attention, thanks to host Katie Nolan. Nolan went in on Rick Reilly during today’s episode after Reilly — who is no stranger to being publicly hated and shamed– made fun of CGW’s Regis Philbin. Reilly called Philbin “the little guy in the makeup,” at Super Bowl Media Day yesterday (only seconds after calling gymnast Gabby Douglas “Gabby Giffords,” a woman who is certainly not Gabby Douglas), and Nolan took some time on the show to give Reilly the business.

A lot of people like to talk shit about Rick Reilly. They tweet about him, they tweet at him, they write articles about him, they talk about him on podcasts. I’ve never seen anyone take aim and fire, on television, straight to the camera, the way Nolan did. She was dead on, too — Reilly is washed up; Regis is a beloved legend.

It’s doubtful that this will mark a major swing in ratings for FS1 and away from ESPN, but if you consider this the first real head-to-head battle between the two networks, score a big win for Nolan and company.

By the way, if you’re not familiar with Nolan, get to familiarizing. In the sports media world, she’s got next:


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