Keith Olbermann Puts The Stray Dog Mass Exterminations Into Perspective

  • Jake O'Donnell

With the opening ceremonies just 24 hours away, the amount of negative news surrounding the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics has skyrocketed. No, it’s not some well-coordinated smear campaign by western media, and no, it’s not “trolling just to get more clicks” by us cyborg bloggers (most blogs are run by human-robot hybrids who literally eat clicks). The bad publicity is a direct result of the negligent, inhumane, totalitarian Putin regime that has seemingly never been held accountable for its managerial and moral ineptitude. The well-documented practices of over-spending (most expensive Olympic games in history), corruption (47% of Russians think the $50 billion spent on the game was embezzled), marginalization of minority groups, and now the systematic/ruthless murder of stray and/or unattended dogs, just to name a few **EPIC FAILS**.

And you thought the polar vortex was bad (rimshot).

[NY Times] In recent months, residents of Sochi have reported seeing dogs shot with poisoned darts, then tossed into waiting trucks. Aleksei Sorokin, the director general of a pest control business, Basya Services, has confirmed that his company has been hired to catch and kill strays, telling local journalists the work was necessary.

The effort to remove the dogs began in October, as did initial efforts to gather up strays and shelter them. Tatyana Leshchenko, an animal rights advocate here, said about 300 dogs a month were being killed in Sochi, at a cost of $25 to $35 each.

All for what? To avoid seeming like a complete shit hole? Hey, Russia, the time to clean up your country came and went when you re-elected Vladimir Putin in 2012. You’ve made your bed, now it’s time to sleep in it. Why you invited the rest of the world to come sleep in it with you is beyond us, however…