Keith Olbermann Spent Sunday Afternoon Berating A Right-Wing Troll On Twitter

  • Jake O'Donnell

keith olbermann espnYou’d think Keith Olbermann would be used to unfounded internet hate by now. You’d also think he has better things to do than respond to the pissant Twitter whack-jobs when they float a fundamentally flawed conspiracy theory unto the internet ether. Apparently, the former face of MSNBC isn’t above such criticism, because yesterday he responded to some guy with 300 followers who frequently quotes Barry Goldwater under the handle @libertymediapro. Keith’s chief beef?


Ugh, ya — Keith Olbermann took it upon himself to actually dignify such an asinine statement with about 14 responses. Sure, it was below the ESPN host — who has his own show — but at least he got in some zingers on the lowly right-wing conspiracy theorist (perhaps the most honorable of troll distinctions).

Then Olbermann retweeted a couple things about the baseball HOF, only to jump right back on this dumb-dumb’s ballsack.

Finally, Keith revealed the modus operandi for spending his Sunday afternoon berating a guy with a homemade doomsday bunker covered with posters of the founding fathers riding dirt bikes or something…

That’s kind of fucked up.