Who Ya Got: Keith Olbermann’s New ESPN2 Show Or Regis Philbin’s ‘Crowd Goes Wild’?

  • Eric Goldschein

regis philbin work outIt turns out the rumblings were true: Keith Olbermann will return to the Worldwide Leader after 16 years away being political and kinda dickish. In a good way. The former MSNBC and Current TV host is expected to announce “a one-hour, nightly show for ESPN2 later this year,” according to The New York Times.

Olbermann’s deal is for two years. The show will be allowed to delve into pop culture and current events, while politics are said to be off-limits — which should be no problem for a guy who has spent most the last 16 years being, as previously noted, political and kinda dickish.

Although ESPN would never admit to being afraid of Fox Sports 1, Olbermann is expected to compete with “Crowd Goes Wild,” the FS1 show hosted by Regis Philbin, of all people. Regis likes sports? That’s news to me. The 82-year-old TV personality is no doubt getting in shape for his return to the small screen:

“Crowd Goes Wild” (which we have sometimes seen written as “Crowd Goes W!ld”… ugh) will feature a round table of, um, people who you probably never expected to see on television all at once. From the press release:

Veteran Wall Street Journal sports columnist Jason Gay; professional tennis player turned comedian Michael Kosta; two-time Super Bowl Champion and four-time Pro Bowl defensive end Trevor Pryce; and Sky Sports host and news anchor Georgie Thompson, along with Guyism.com personality and YouTube sensation Katie Nolan serving as social media correspondent, team with Regis to come at the day’s sports news and issues with conversation more lively, more entertaining and less argumentative than current offerings.

There you have it. It all comes down to this, America. Which sports talk show hosted by an old dude will you prefer?