Keith Olbermann’s Blasted The Golf Channel And Piers Morgan Before Giving A Proper Tribute To Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Eric Goldschein

keith olbermannWhile the jury is still out on how successful Keith Olbermann’s new show will be, we’ve been finding it an enjoyable hour of television so far. That streak continued last night, when Olbermann addressed the Golf Channel’s social media fail, and Piers Morgan’s defense of said fail.

If you didn’t hear, the Golf Channel tried to get in on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream,” because SEO and trending buzzwords and other digital media bullshit that makes a sports company think it should make tenuous connections to current events (for another example of this, read The Onion’s take on CNN and Miley Cyrus). It looked like this:

golf channel tweet

Not a great PR move, and the Golf Channel soon removed the tweet and apologized for it. Then Piers Morgan (coincidentally, of CNN) came to the Golf Channel’s defense, for some reason:

There’s just so much wrong with that mindset that I think I’ll let Olbermann take it from here (via Mediaite):

Then, to hammer home his point, Olbermann provided a real sports-related Martin Luther King Jr. anecdote about his late father. That’s how you do it, Golf Channel/Piers Morgan/Detroit Free Press: