Kevin Durant’s New Sprint Commercial Is Alternately Brilliant And Confusing

  • Glenn Davis

Kevin Durant’s making commercials for Sprint again. This time, though, he’s not mad at you for choosing Doodle Jump over him – he’s paying a wholly unexpected (but very, very welcomed) visit to an unassuming suburban family. How welcomed? Well, just watch:

Nifty bait and switch there, Sprint. Because there is not a single person watching that commercial who didn’t think at first, “This woman wants Kevin Durant and she wants him right now.” Here, let’s prove it with some of the comments below the above video on YouTube:

Why, Durant might as well be cleaning out our filthy minds in that last scene. But seriously, let’s backtrack for a second. The initial message is that using Sprint’s unlimited data plan to watch the NBA all night will actually turn you into an NBA player? That’s a hell of a deal. Second, sure, the moms desires were ultimately to have the gutter cleaned, but come on – when Durant was first standing there, that was pure longing in her eyes. She must have been more excited to get those leaves removed than anyone has ever been. Moreover, a few people noted her fiddling with her wedding ring. Why the need for that, since I’m pretty sure that Durant was still supposed to be her husband, albeit in a magically-transformed state?

Well, I hope that’s what’s supposed to be happening, since the other option is that Durant snuck into their house, took the guy’s pajamas, and put them on despite them beng comically undersized for him. And no matter her level of attraction to a handsome young NBA superstar, wouldn’t the women be at least somewhat troubled by this? Not to mention that she surely would have noticed her husband’s transformation by now, since one would assume thy slept in the same bed. Jeez, who’d have thought a commercial about a guy transforming into another person because he watched him play basketball could have so many logical holes?