Kevin Durant Plays Flag Football With Some Frat Boys

  • Dan Fogarty

Last night at around 6pm, Kevin Durant tweeted the following:

This lockout is really boring..anybody playing flag football in Okc..I need to run around or something!

An Oklahoma State student named George Overbey tweeted him back, saying he and his fraternity were having a flag football game that night in Stillwater. Judging from the amount of exclamation points used, Overbey was doing it more as a joke than anything — after all, Stillwater is a two hour drive from Oklahoma City, and Kevin Durant is a professional athlete. There’s no way he’d come all the way out there.

Except that Durant tweeted him back, and asked if he could play. Literally, he asked “Can I play?” (Even though he makes $14.5 million a year and is one of the most popular people in the state). Overbey, of course, said yes.

So Durant drove out to Stillwater, put on some flags, and played quarterback. His final stat line: 3 touchdowns, a game-winning interception, and a few hundred OSU students who will have a pretty awesome story to tell this morning.

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