We Don’t Think Kevin Garnett’s Ever Been In A Bar Fight, Either

  • Glenn Davis

…Because he pronounces it “ball” fight for about the first 30 seconds of this post-game interview with Craig Sager. Yes, it eventually morphs into something more like “bar fight” after he repeats it, by our count, five times, working off some of the excess energy that the always-hyped Garnett built up after his Celtics came back from a 27-point second-quarter deficit to defeat the Magic, 91-83. But at the beginning, it definitely sounded like a “ball fight” was happening. Have a listen:

Well…he’s not wrong about Barkley. Oh, and that headline? We lied. Garnett has totally been in bar fights. He said “Ever been in a bar fight?” too knowingly not to have been. Also, Garnett is so comically intense we assume he gets in fights wherever he goes – including trips to Bed Bath & Beyond, when he gets himself ready by bashing his head into the store’s cement walls and proceeds to run at full speed with his shopping cart in front of him, knocking over shoppers like so many bowling pins. Never lull yourself into thinking Kevin Garnett will not fight you. That’s exactly what he wants you to think.