Craig Sager’s Wardrobe Finally Earns Kevin Garnett’s Approval

  • Glenn Davis

TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager wears horrible suits all the time. It’s his shtick. You might have seen him in this one, or this one, or this one. And few have been more outspoken about just how awful these outfits are than Kevin Garnett. Most famously, this:

(Though this was pretty good, too.) Anyway, we’re not sure what it was last night. Maybe KG’s mellowing in his advancing age (lol no). Maybe he was in an especially good mood after helping the Celtics pummel the Lakers. Or maybe Sager did look better than usual. Whatever it was, though, Sager finally found his wardrobe on KG’s good side:

Truly a watershed moment for the worst dresser in (U.S.) sports media. Was hard to believe he’d ever get Garnett to put in a good word for one of his outfits, but we guess…