Kids Make Adorably Bad Guesses At NBA Salaries (Video)

  • Brad Cohen

How much money do NBA players earn in a year? That’s what Jimmy Kimmel decided to ask some children in a segment for his late night show, and their answers are telling (more on that in a second).

It goes without saying that the kids’ concept of money would have the players earning just a fraction less than their current salaries.

While most of the kids believe NBA players earn between between 40 cents and $100 per year, some of the more precocious ones are willing to believe that superstars earn as high as “ten-hundred,” (ten-hundred what of what is never made clear) or even $1,000,000. “Oh come on!” was one kid’s response when finding out the players made more than $3,000.

If the NBA owners had their way, they might make a couple of these guys general managers. Some veteran players believe a lockout for the 2011-2012 is a foregone conclusion, due to owners wanting to drastically restructure salaries. While negotiations are still ongoing, so far, they’ve been fruitless.

At this rate, these adorably wrong kids may turn out to be horrifyingly right: NBA players could be making nothing come next October.