The L.A. Kings Are Called The Wrong Name Once More For The Road

  • Glenn Davis

What, you didn’t hear about the Lakers’ victory parade? They’re holding one in honor of their one Western Conference semifinal win against the Thunder. The turnout probably won’t be quite as big as their championship parades, but we hear they’re bringing out Mark Madsen for a special nostalgia dance, and Kobe will give a speech yelling at everyone for coming out and celebrating nothing:

We kid, of course, and the poor guy above probably just misspoke. But it’s just the latest in an undeniable pattern of Kings-related errors that happened throughout the playoffs – and apparently, now persist even though the playoffs are over. Yeah, everyone’s used to saying “Lakers” since they’re such a local institution and have had their share of victory parades through the years. Yeah, L.A.’s not exactly a natural hockey town. But these are the champs, people. If they can get 250,000 people out in the streets of L.A. in their honor, we can get their name right. Let’s be better, people. Let’s all be better.

[Puck Daddy]

Getty photo, by Victor Decolongon