Kobe Bryant “Live Tweeted” His 81-Point Game For A Bit Of Shameless Advertising

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Even though Kobe Bryant said in an interview less than a week ago that there was no reason for him to watch his 81-point game…

Do you ever look back and marvel at some of the things you’ve accomplished like, say, the 81-point game?

To this day I’ve never seen that game. I don’t feel the need to watch it. What am I going to learn? I don’t watch those tapes. If I’m watching film it’s usually for an upcoming opponent.

…his tweets from Tuesday seem to indicate something a little different:

Kobe and Nike live-tweeted the game to promote Nike’s new campaign, #COUNTONKOBE (or, Count on Kobe, for normal people), which is promoting Kobe’s new shoe, the Kobe 8 System.

So anyway, “Kobe” live tweeted the game when NBA TV showed it earlier. Knowing what we know about Kobe’s feelings about watching that game, approach all the following tweets from a safe distance.


Fake Kobe is so snide.

Just stop it.

That’s probably exactly what you were thinking.

Also, remember, if he’s watching film it’s usually for an upcoming opponent. Based on how the Lakers have been doing recently, this actually makes perfect sense.