Kobe Crashes Pau Gasol’s Press Conference, Curses On Television

  • Glenn Davis

The Lakers won last night, which meant Kobe Bryant was in a good mood. No talking about how clutch he is or isn’t after he scored 36 points (albeit on just 9-for-25 shooting) in a must-win game. And a happy Kobe means… messing around at postgame press conferences. Specifically, crashing Pau Gasol’s remarks in the middle while making weird faces and exaggerated gestures, getting indignant at the idea that Derek Fisher could even think about guarding him, and even cursing on live TV:

Why, Kobe was in such a good mood, it was as if someone had just called him an asshole. As far as interview-trolling goes, though, he still has a ways to go to catch up to Chris Bosh.

Video by CJ Fogler.