Kobe Flew Steve Blake To A Doctor In Orange County With His Helicopter

  • Glenn Davis

Today in “things we just thought you should know”: Kobe might be a demanding teammate, but he can also be a remarkably accommodating one. Case in point, from today, via Lakers reporter Dave McMenamin:

Wow! A legendary basketball player and a helicopter pilot?! Kobe’s Got it all! I wonder if… wait… what’s that? He probably wasn’t flying the helicopter himself? Oh. Well, that’s too bad. Hey, what was Blake going to a doctor for anyway? I hope nothing’s wrong or anything and-

An ultrasound?! Steve: congratulations! Is this like a popular 1994 comedy Junior-type situation? Either way, this is amazing and I hope it won’t affect your play for a while and… wait… what’s that? The ultrasound’s because of an abdominal strain? You mean all there is to this story is that Kobe chauffeured Blake to the doctor in his private helicopter that he happened to have on hand after practice? Boooooooo-ring!

Getty photo, by Harry How