Note: While “Peter” Is A Possible Slang Term For Penis, The Words Are Not Interchangeable

  • Glenn Davis

Altitude Sports anchor Kyle Keefe was trying to tease a segment featuring former NHLer and current Colorado Avalanche TV analyst Peter McNab. Simple enough. Well… it should have been, but didn’t quite go as planned:

You laughed, didn’t you? Ugh, SO juvenile. Sometimes people misspeak. penis Must we titter about it like schoolchildren when they do? penis I expected better of us, really. We’re all adults now; why can’t we act like it? It’s a body part. The world has billions of them. penis And someone merely saying that word – that’s our idea of comedy? penis It’s things like this that make me ashamed to be a human being sometimes. We seriously can’t give this man a break for a split-second mistake? penis No? Well then I guess it’ll fall to a serious-minded individual like me to urge all of us to just grow up a bit. penis I’m all for a good laugh, but over this? I think we all need some higher standards.


People just make me sick sometimes, you know that?

[Outside the Box Score]