There’s Video Of Lamar Odom Ordering Taco Bell, Because That’s Apparently News Now

  • Eric Goldschein

lamar odom paparazziLamar Odom is having problems. He’s reportedly battling a serious drug addiction. He may (or may not) be getting a divorce from his celebutante wife, Khloe Kardashian. His NBA career is on hold and may be over entirely. I know! Let’s go stick cameras in his face while he orders Taco Bell!

You know a video is sad and horrible when somebody willingly ordering Taco Bell is the least depressing aspect of it. It’s noted in this TMZ article that Lamar is still wearing his wedding ring, while the NY Daily News says he “looks gaunt.” Yeah, well, he’s trying to get a fucking taco, but there’s a crowd of strangers photographing him and asking about his personal life whenever he leaves the house. I wouldn’t have much of an appetite either.

This is obviously a well-worn subject, but where do so called journalists get off hounding a public figure when he’s walking down the street with his wife, or ordering food from his car? There will be a time and a place to talk to Lamar Odom about his off-the-court issues, and it will be when he’s ready to do so. Trying to force the issue by yelling at him through a fast food ordering window does nobody any good.

Odom leaves without answering questions, but does stop to address a few random assembled fans. We wish him well.

You can watch the video here, if you’re into that sort of thing.