Lance Armstrong May Soon Find Out That There Are Consequences To Bullying, Thanks To A Criminal Investigation

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Lance Armstrong, the world’s most famous bully and non-champion athlete, is under active criminal investigation by federal investigators for “obstruction, winess tampering and intimidation.” A previous, two-year investigation led by Andre Birotte was dropped last year, despite the fact that “sources at the time said that agents had recommended an indictment and could not understand why the case was suddenly dropped.” Birotte didn’t elaborate on why the case was dropped, and the lack of detail makes the whole chain of events seem sketchy. But it seems like Armstrong won’t get away unscathed this time:

Investigators are not concerned with the drug use, but Armstrong’s behavior in trying to maintain his secret by allegedly threatening and interfering with potential witnesses.

Armstrong is currently serving a lifetime ban in sport handed down by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. He has been given a Feb. 6 deadline to tell all under oath to investigators or lose his last chance at a possible break on the lifetime ban.

The man who has zero career Tour De France wins may struggle to win this battle, too.

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