Part One Of The Lance Armstrong Interview Is Airing Now, If You’re Still Into That Sort Of Thing [Video]

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

What? Did you forget about this? OK, in case you did, Oprah interviewed Lance Armstrong earlier this week in what can only be referred to in the interview world as three-hour “epic.” Part one is airing now, and since Armstrong is already an admitted doper, and you might have better things to do on a Thursday night, there’s not much in it for you, but I guess you could watch it.

There haven’t been any bombshells dropped so far and Oprah has been relatively fair to Armstrong. Maybe it just seems that way because Lance is giving tepid answers like “I am a bully because I tried to control the narrative.” and “Nah dude, I wasn’t doping n’ stuff in the 2009 and 2010 Tour de France.” [The latter was paraphrased].

He also compared the shitstorm he faces now the second time in his life he feels like he has no control over his future — the first being his cancer diagnosis. He also recounts trying to dispose syringes into soda cans in tents, on tour, while fans were just outside. That’s about as

And that’s about as heavy as the interview has gotten. A lot of his answers, while not necessarily lies, are roundabout, unnecessarily wordy and basically what you expected them to be. Plus, it wasn’t anything we truly, in our heart of hearts, didn’t know about Lance already if we really took the time to think about it. With Manti Te’o racking up back pages and this interview not exactly titillating the hearts and minds of the American public, Oprah better try extra hard to get people to watch part two on a Friday night. Plus, you’ll also need to find her channel, OWN, which is as hard as it seems.

Or we suppose you could watch it here. But be warned, it’s totally meh.