Lance Armstrong Emailed A Truly Heartfelt Apology To Rick Reilly

  • Dylan Murphy

Per Rick Reilly’s own admission, he’s been defending Lance Armstrong for years. In spite of the boatloads of accusations and evidence, Reilly has lived by Lance’s word – which, of course, seems ironic, when Armstrong’s word was the only thing standing between himself and a guilty juicing verdict. Well that and a ton of passed drug tests, but athletes circumventing drug tests isn’t anything new these days.

But in anticipation of his admission of guilt to Oprah Winfrey tonight, Armstrong has been offering apologies left and right. Rick Reilly is the latest to receive an e-pology [high-fives self] from Armstrong, and the detailed confession for years of lying is laid out in three, heartfelt lines.

“Riles, I’m sorry.

All I can say for now but also the most heartfelt thing too. Two very important words.


So much emotion. So heartfelt. Two words wipe away 10+ years of lies. Completely.