Larissa Riquelme Will Soon Be A Mexican TV Star

  • Matthew De George

It seems like soccer and Larissa Riquelme are a match made in heaven.

Her presence at the World Cup gave us a reason to root for Paraguay. Her, uh, more detailed appearances after the games immortalized the country.

And now, the Paraguayan portrait of perfection will be teaming up with an international soccer star for the next phase of her career.

Riquelme and former Mexican international Cuauhtemoc Blanco will star opposite each other in a new television drama series on Mexican television network Televisa.

Blanco, the cheeky, charismatic, and chubby striker who got his own patented soccer move, spent the last few years plying his trade in the States with the Chicago Fire and is only semi-retired, continuing to play second tier squad Irapuato while filming.

The show, whose name has yet to be released, will feature three-time World Cup veteran Blanco in the role of a fireman, a challenge he might be a little too amped up for:

This is a big challenge for me, it’s a new stage (in my life). I know I’ll be criticized, people will make fun of me, but I don’t care, I’ll give it all my efforts and I know I’ll come through.

The flirtatious Riquelme’s role has yet to be disclosed, though we can only imagine it would be as Blanco’s love interest/sexual tension provider. (I’m sure there’s a joke in there about Riquelme and Blanco’s fire hose, but we’ll refrain).

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