The Inevitable Law & Order: SVU “Duke F–k List”-Inspired Episode Is On Its Way

  • Glenn Davis

Hey, so remember that whole controversy over the “Duke Fuck List,” wherein a Duke student described several sexual encounters she had with fellow Dukies (most of whom were baseball/lacrosse players), only to have it – not by choice – become a national talking point? The creative team behind Law & Order: Special Victims Unit does…and an episode inspired by the list airs on Wednesday.

There will be some differences between the televised version of the list saga and real life. The name of the list’s creator is, of course, changed. “Fuck List” will become “Lay List” (quite catchy in its own right) because, well, “Fuck List” won’t fly on NBC. The show’s version of the list will contain a graph comparing conquests just like the original…but this graph will compare only penis sizes. Oh, and one more big alteration – in the show, the creator of the list is found dead.

Jezebel spoke with SVU writer Jim Truly, who said he enjoys “trolling the dark recesses of the web,” and apparently got this episode idea from doing just that. (Who says the Internet’s just a time-waster?) He also called the original list “very clever,” praising the juxtaposition of the lurid details with the PowerPoint format.

They also posted some excerpts of the script. Here’s a quick glance at what happens when one person named on the list is brought in for police questioning:

Danny: Look, a lotta people had a problem with Caitlin making that list. Not me.

Benson: You sure? Under ‘Cons,’ she said you fell asleep in record time afterwards.

Danny: She also voted me ‘Biggest Penis.’ You know how many chicks friended me ’cause of what she wrote?

Based on that brief snippet, get ready for some fictional characters to create some intense hatred in your heart come Wednesday.

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