LeBron Addresses His Receding Hairline Controversy Once And For All

  • Glenn Davis

TNT’s Inside the NBA crew has been unsparing lately in its needling of LeBron James, his receding hairline, and his continued attempt to cover it up with headbands. Their proposed solution: shave your head. And last night, Inside the NBA anchor Ernie Johnson got a bit of time with LeBron after he was finished taking apart the Pacers, and took the opportunity to ask him if he’s going to follow through on the crew’s advice. Alas…

Well, we were pretty sure we knew exactly why LeBron had that towel over his head to begin the interview, and it had nothing to do with excess sweating. And… well, we’re still pretty sure covering up that hairline had something to do with it, so props to LeBron for so unabashedly exposing his hair to the world… and for refusing to give in to the endless suggestions of Barkley & Co.

We’ve advocated from the start that he should hold out with the hair he’s got as long as he can – and we still say it hasn’t receded enough that he needs to go to the last resort of shaving his head. Way to stay strong, LeBron… though we somehow doubt that TNT’s team is really done with the hair issue for good.