After LeBron Destroyed The Lakers, He Got Real Into The Grammys

  • Glenn Davis

LeBron James had a good day yesterday. First, he played a great game in the Heat’s 107-97 win over the Lakers, as we mentioned here. Of course, LeBron’s been playing nothing but great games lately – what made this day any different? Well, for one, he packed this one especially thick with highlights and couldn’t help but admire his recent handiwork when informed of just how hot he’s been lately. But again, we all know LeBron’s good at basketball. What really set yesterday apart?

The answer might surprise you: The Grammys. Yes, that noblest of ceremonies honoring the best in radio-friendly pop with as close to universal appeal as possible (and a few other things mixed in) was last night, and America logged in to Twitter to chronicle the festivities. And speaking as someone who watched the whole thing unfold on both my TV and computer screens, America did an excellent job. What deserved to be mocked (i.e. most of the show) was mocked with flair and skill. What didn’t was genuinely appreciated, and it made following an event that, without the instant commentary, would not have been enjoyable to follow, into a pretty damn entertaining evening.

And who was among those at the forefront of this Grammy mass-live-tweeting? Why, none other than LeBron. And folks, the reigning champ and MVP was into it. (Note: I am about to post screengrabs of tweets instead of embeds because for whatever reason, the copy/paste mechanism for embedding tweets is not cooperating with me. Apologies in advance for this inferior method of tweet delivery.) He was into the fashion:

Yes, his fiancee was okay with that. He was into the music, too:

He was into Jay-Z’s shade-throwing:

And perhaps best of all, he was into local boys making good:

Hipster Runoff had it all wrong. LeBron’s not going to AnCo – he’s going to rock your face off, Akron-style. Well done, LeBron: winning over your remaining skeptics one awards show observation at a time.

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