LeBron Says He Practiced With High School Football Team. This Is…Allowed?

  • Glenn Davis

LeBron James recently sent out the tweet you see here. “St. V” must mean his alma mater, St. Vincent-St. Mary, no? Is this a joke, an extension of LeBron’s recent self-lampooning? Well, at least the part where he asks whether he should pursue football further is probably a joke, but…does this ever happen? This is even allowed to happen? A grown man, long since graduated, practicing with high schoolers? Is it somehow common and our heads have been in the sand all along?

Further, wouldn’t this be…pretty dangerous? LeBron is not only a grown man, but one of the most impressive physical specimens on the planet. The rest of the team are…high schoolers. Don’t get us wrong, we actually would be intrigued – much more so than Dick Vitale, apparently – to see what LeBron could do on the football field. (Against, you know, adults.) He was a standout player back in the day, and he has the physical tools to do basically whatever he wants. It won’t happen, but it would be interesting.

But again…high schoolers. They cannot handle a man of LeBron’s size, speed and strength. He has no business being out on a football field with them. Maybe he was joking, but he didn’t seem like it. Was he joking? Did we miss something here? Are we crazy? Is he crazy? What is life? Somebody help us.