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LeBron James’ Website Launch Lost In Heat Debut Madness

  • Barry Rothbard

LeBron James hollered at his twitter followers earlier today, letting them know his new website is up and running. As one might expect, the website provides deep, meaningful insight into what it’s like to be King.

LeBron told Fox Sports that “ will allow my fans to be a part of my journey in a fun and empowering way.” The website is certainly interactive–it’s like the frustrating Nike one that makes you click on eight buttons to see what you’re actually looking for.

As has been the case for most of LeBron’s recent decisions, the website is a mixed bag. It’s sleek, self-indulgent, interactive, and difficult to penetrate–sound familiar? It’s another way for LeBron to build his brand (make money) and gives us another excuse to talk about him. Its attempt at being chic, however, is lost in vanity.

What does it tell us about LeBron? He enjoys core workouts while listening to an R&B artist who goes by Choklate. Oh, and from the style section, we learn that “LeBron is a detailed person who is constantly getting inspiration from his surroundings. His hectic travel schedule has given him the luxury to experience fashion through cultures all over the world.”

Maybe you’ll love it. Maybe you don’t care what music LeBron likes. Or, as a commenter on Fox Sports put it, this may make you throw up in your mouth.