College GameDay F-Bomb Delights Everyone" />

“Ah, F-ck It!”: Lee Corso’s College GameDay F-Bomb Delights Everyone

  • Dan Fogarty

Lee Corso‘s pottymouth made on appearance on ESPN this Saturday morning, as the College GameDay analyst dropped an F-bomb while picking today’s Houston-SMU game. Everyone else who was on TV with Corso at the time — fellow anchors Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit, as well as 9-time Olympic champion Carl Lewis, a Houston alum who was today’s guest picker — couldn’t help but laugh at old man Corso’s slip-up.

ESPN’s producers will probably remember this as the time Lee Corso was so close to making it off the air without saying “f-ck” on TV (the show was in its closing seconds) but couldn’t quite make it. Thanks, coach!

UPDATE: ESPN just made him apologize (boooo!). Here’s the video, via @cjzero:

F-bomb video via nbavideosnow.