Lennay Kekua Is Back And She’s Better At Filling Out Her Bracket Than You

  • Eric Goldschein

Alright, so it’s actually some dude named Craig Gilmore. The person who filled out the bracket, that is. Not the person who pretended to be Manti Te’o’s girlfriend. Though considering she never existed, I guess anyone can be “Lennay Kekua.” In any case, this Lennay entry was the winner in ESPN.com’s Tournament Challenge. Gotcha, world!

Here’s that winning bracket. Props to Lennay/Craig/Ronaiah/whoever you are for picking Florida Gulf Coast over Georgetown and three of the Final Four:

Addendum to Manti Te’o: This is a joke. She’s still not real. Sorry we can’t get over this.

Check out the full entry here.

[BuzzFeed Sports]

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