Lil’ Wayne May Have Been A Lil’ Wasted During This All-Star Game Interview

  • Dan Fogarty

Can you blame Lil’ Wayne for being a little tipsy during this All-Star game interview on TNT? I mean, he threw a party with Dwight Howard the night before, so he probably needed some hair of the dog just to be able to function properly. Also, he had just done a set, and he’s currently being sued for allegedly getting so wasted in his hotel room before a performance in the Bahamas that he passed out and missed a show — so take that for whatever it’s worth. Oh, and also: he’s Lil’ Wayne. It’s pretty much in his job description to be slightly hammered at all times.

So, no, you can’t blame him. He’s a monster, and every day is Halloween. Video of the interview, via Cosby Sweaters, here: