Lindsey Vonn’s Knee Looks… About Like You’d Expect It To (Warning: It Does Not Look Good)

  • Glenn Davis

Last week, skier Lindsey Vonn suffered a serious crash on the slopes that resulted in a “complex knee injury,” as well as a broken leg. While she had successful surgery and is currently on the road to recovery (and, hopefully, back to high-level skiing), that road will be long… as anyone who likes Vonn on Facebook now knows all too well. Earlier today, she shared a picture of her recently-operated-on knee. It… did not look like a normal knee. Instead, it looked like what you’ll see below (warning: not pretty):

Well, she’s in good enough spirits to joke about it, at least (“#longskirtsthissummer”), which we suppose is part of the battle. But again, that battle’s just beginning. If Vonn does indeed return to her former skiing self, remember that picture – it’s going to be an earned comeback.

[h/t Andrew Bucholtz]