Audio Of ESPN Reporter Being Prank Called Is Just As Annoying As You Think It Is

  • Barry Rothbard

Last week, we told you about the prank call that EPSNU reporter Elizabeth Moreau fell victim to, and now, the audio to this has arrived, courtesy of the Smoking Gun.

The prank was orchestrated by Tariq Malik, a 26-year old and leader Pranknet, an online community that specializes in prank calling hotels.

To sum up the call, prankster phones in to Hilton Garden Inn in Gainseville, where Moreau is staying. After throwing out ugly racial epithets at an unnamed third party, prankster cons concierge desk into thinking he is Moreau’s husband. Prankster then proceeds to explain to Moreau that there is an “emergency situation” at the hotel, and that she needs to throw her toilet tank lid out the window (which she does) for “oxygen clearance.”

Moreau believes these um, questionable demands and then (justifiably) throws out some profanities when she has a revelation and realizes that she got got. I’m not really sure what exactly is so crazy/entertaining/funny about this call that gives the prankster community so much pleasure. But I guess this is the cool thing to do if you are 26, live at home, and your “profession” is prank calling people?

[Audio via the Smoking Gun, h/t Deadspin]