Branding! You Can Already Purchase Your Very Own “Lob City” T-Shirt

  • Dan Fogarty

“Lob city!” Those are the two words that Clippers superstar Blake Griffin happily squealed the moment he found out that future Hall-of-Famer Chris Paul was coming to Los Angeles.

(Paul, in addition to being one of the NBA’s best point guards, is a master at lobbing basketballs high in the air for his athletic big men to dunk. Since there is nary a more athletic big man than Blake Griffin, we’re guessing that the 2011-12 Clippers will shatter any previous record for alley-oops in a season.)

As soon as the words “lob city” left Griffin’s mouth, the sports world had a new catchphrase on its hands. All morning on radio, TV, and the internet, it’s been “lob city” this, “lob city” that. You can’t get an update on the trade without hearing about this new, mythical city, where basketballs are constantly lobbed. And since the turnaround time from when something becomes cool to when it’s printed on a shirt is shorter than it’s ever been, you can now own your very own “lob city” shirt.

[Skreened, via JE Skeets and Got ‘Em Coach]