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Manny Pacquiao Sings “Imagine” With Will Ferrell On Jimmy Kimmel Live (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

Honestly, we hope that title alone was enough to get you to watch the video. But if you still need convincing, how about this: not only does Pacquiao, perhaps the best boxer alive, sing, he doesn’t do a bad job.

Ferrell, of course, has more experience being in front of the camera in situations like this (hence him remaining stone-faced while Pacquiao sports a sheepish grin), but once it’s time to sing, he wins over the crowd in short order.

This was an intentionally strange, but surprisingly well-done, rendition, of John Lennon’s classic, despite some hiccups on the “And the world will be as one” line. And it’s always fun to see Pacquiao expand his singing range beyond power ballads.

Pacquiao also sat down for a Q&A with Kimmel, which you can witness below. We’d definitely say, however, that the singing was by far the highlight of Pacquiao’s appearance…and we wouldn’t mind more guest singing spots like it in the future.

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